Project Management

Project management leadership skills have been a contributing factor to the company's success. This is achieved by the company's commitment to keeping a principal in charge of every project, supported by a staff of professionals that care about their work.

The following attributes have become recognized as distinctive and successful project management qualities of FRANK & MARCOTULLIO DESIGN:

Principal Involvement
The company assigns a principal to each project that will interface with the client throughout all phases of the project. This principal will oversee the staff and the project's direction. This includes the coordination of contractors, vendors, consultants, mechanical and structural engineers, furniture dealers, and the like. Both Marjorie Frank and Susan Marcotullio are equally skilled and experienced to handle all aspects of projects, from feasibility work to planning and design, to construction document review and construction administration.

Our commitment to principal involvement has proven to be efficient and is a unique attribute of our service which stands out from the crowd. Clients benefit from the senior level attention to their projects because intelligent decisions can be made quickly.

Detailed Construction Documents
FRANK & MARCOTULLIO makes every effort to provide detailed construction documents with adequate information and specifications so work is built according to expectations within the limits of our control. The company maintains quality control by carefully reviewing documents created for construction work and for specifying furniture. When work is addressed in a detailed fashion like this, the costs associated with change orders during construction, and mishaps with furniture orders, are kept to a minimum.

Project Cost Control
The company is committed to solving our clients' needs with quality construction and within real budget parameters. We take seriously the responsibility of handling client expenditures as though it were our own. If requested and appropriate for the project, the company will evaluate the reuse of existing construction and furniture to save money.

Purchasing Services
When there are custom or long lead time items such as architectural elements, lighting, furniture, furnishings and special finishes, FRANK & MARCOTULLIO can purchase these items for the client. This service has a proven cost savings track record and is advantageous for projects with tight schedules. The client will benefit from the purchasing power of FRANK & MARCOTULLIO's trade discounts.