Frank & Marcotullio is a full service boutique commercial interior design studio best known for its unparalleled project management and principal hands on attention to detail. The company was founded in 1986 by Marjorie Frank & Susan Marcotullio. Together they have over 50 years of combined design experience.

The company is a certified woman-owned business, which offers a broad range of interior design, planning, project management, consultation and interior architectural services nationwide for clients who are relocating, renovating, or consolidating. The firm organizes and executes design projects for both new and existing locations.

Assignments have included:

  • feasibility and test fit studies
  • new installations
  • complex renovation projects requiring phased construction and furniture installations due to occupied work areas and continuous facility operation
  • project management of complex projects including multiple consultants, client teams, engineers, contractors, furniture dealers, and specialty consultants such as telecom, audiovisual, acoustical and lighting
  • critical schedule projects requiring fast track production, construction and furniture installations.